Tripod 120cm

Tripod 120cm

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Both our tipods are strong with pointed feet to help them grip, a chain attached to the tripod that you can turn and twizzle over the fire. They are both very stable as long as you use the recommended sized kotlich. Both have fixed chain and hook so they can't get lost. The 120cm is twisted steel with black lacquer paint. The 160cm is tubular steel with black lacquer paint. Choose from two different sizes. The 120cm one for the 8lt & 13lt kotlich or fish kettle. The 160cm tripod is recommend for the larger kotlich. Our largest Kotlich goes well with it and that holds 20l. The 20lt pot is not suitable with the 120cm tripod. The 8lt and the 13lt Kotlich can of course be used with the 160cm tripod.

Length: 120cm
Weight: 3.4kg
Material: Painted steel

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