Why Enamel?

Anytime you need a change of scenery, want to gather friends and head odd to cook in the wild you need to take equipment with you. Travelling light is kind of an essential when it comes to last minute adventures as it makes the whole process nice an easy, and doesn't take a lot of energy - energy better spent on collecting firewood, trailing around the woods or walking lengths of coastline building precious memories. Enamel is lightweight, and the kotlich kit is the bare minimum of what you need to cook up a real storm outside. You can use a pot or grill suspended from the tripod over a campfire on the floor - or you might choose to invest in a firepit to ensure the landscape you are enjoying isn't left with any signs you have been there with a fire.

You could go without a pot altogether a suspend a chunk of meat from the tripod itself, honing in on your true aboriginal routes - or, a simple supper of toasted marshmallows over your enamel firepit might be enough escapism for you that day.

We recommend kitting yourself up with an armoury of rustic enamel cookware, with each piece of equipment suited to a certain style of cooking or recipe you might light to make, and then choosing from your custom made outdoor kitchen just the bits you need per adventure.

Enamel is light but robust. It can take heavy use and still look new, and if you do encounter the odd chip or scratch, it only adds to the aesthetics. Practicality is at the forefront of each design, and even our firepits legs simply unscrew to make all of our equipment as space efficient as possible.

Whether you are regular campers or just fancy a picnic in the garden, there is nothing like a campfire and kotlich cooking. It is easy to make an open hearth and enjoy a gently simmering kotlich – your very own outdoor kitchen. If you don't know how to light a fire don't worry your toddler probably does!

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