How to Clean and Store Your Kit

We usually carry our kotlich in a large carrier bag. We only wash the inside of our Kotlich and don't worry about the outside. The outside gets very sooty and then suddenly once in a while it all burns off and looks shiny again. Most of the time it will be sooty and the carrier bag prevents black smears from covering clothes and car.  

I often get questions about how to clean the Kotlich, so here is a quick run through on what to do when you have finished cooking.

You have finished your meal and are all sitting round on the banks of a river. The kotlich is empty but dirty with a nasty dark rim all round about half way up the side. Tip some water into the kotlich (or scoop some up from the river) and fill it about half way up. Place it over the fire and wait for it to heat up. When the water is hand hot, swirl the water up the sides, wiping the enamel with leaves or grass (and if you have any WU liquid, add it now and wipe clean with a sponge). Carefully scrape off the dark fatty rim if you have a flexible knife. When it's clean, place upside down to drain until it is time to go home. Place in the carrier bag and put safely in the boot of your car.

If you have space to hang your kotlich this is a good way to store it, hanging in the garage or porch.

If you bring your kotlich inside to finish off cleaning it, when you get home, place it on a chopping board (so it doesn't muck up your work surface) and fill with warm water and wash the inside as any other crockery. The chopping board will prevent any black soot from getting on your worktops.

The Kotlich and other pans hanging safely up in the rafters.

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