Venison Paprikash

This tasty non fatty meat dish takes 1hr 30min max to cook after preparation. You do not need to fry your veges and meat first. Add any root vegetables and more potatoes to make it an “all in one” meal. The evaporation of the liquid, the potatoes and added paprika means you end up with a thick red gravy. Do not leave to cook totally alone. Stir regularly depending how thick the gravy is and how hot the fire. Do not add your red paprika at the beginning, it looses it's colour and goes brown if cooked too long.


First light your fire

  • Chop into cubes ½ leg of fallow deer, place in the Kotlich
  • Chop 2 onions, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 finely cubed potatoes and root of ginger and place in the Kotlich (cooking pot)
  • Pour on carton of tomato juice, add water or stock (enough for the solids to move around well during boiling).
  • Spice with curry powder, chili pepper, bay leaves, thyme, black pepper and salt. Hang over the fire on the tripod. Bring to the boil. Adjust the fire.
  • Keep at a rolling boil. If it becomes too dry add more liquid. Wine or beer can be used if you prefer at this later stage.
  • When the meat is nearly done, 1hr 15 mins, add two or three heaped serving spoons of sweet red ground pepper. Stir in well and serve with fresh bread or potatoes.

This recipe can be copied with any type of meat and different spices. Don't be nervous, just try your own recipe. Send me ideas of anything out of the ordinary that you have cooked in your Kotlich.

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