Boston Baked Beans

This is an easy, tasty kotlich dish that everyone will love after an outdoor adventure. If you are new to the kotlich I recommend you buy precooked beans and pre roast the meat. More details on this at the end.


500g to 1k of smoked and salted belly of pork, chopped into small sections or some Hungarian Mangalica dried sausage.

250g dried haricot or other beans

pinch of bi carb of soda

2 Large onions

2 tsp English mustard mixed from powder

5 Tbs of black treacle

2 Tbs vinegar

Stock, water or tomato juice as preferred


  • Soak the beans over night in double their amount of water. Next day pour into saucepan add large pinch of Bicarb of soda, boil for 5 mins. Strain rinse in cold water.

  • Chop and saute onions in Kotlich over medium fire, add the belly, soaked beans and bring to the boil covered with the liquid of choice.

  • Mix treacle and mustard with a little of the stock and add to the Kotlich mixture.

  • The beans will draw in the liquid and some will evaporate so you will constantly need to top up the juice.

  • A couple of hours steady bubbling will give you a delicious, well cooked sticky pot of beans. Keep testing the beans because they take the longest. When they are done serve before it all starts to disintegrate.

Note: A really quick version involves precooked beans and pre roasted smoked belly of pork, (plus all the other ingredients) a half hour simmer at the most.

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